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1. Animal to eat: bovine
2. Sylvester Stallone movie: fuck that guy
3. Magazine: hustler
4. Secondary Simpson's Character: Barney (the drunk)
5. Pro Sports team: dallas cowboys
6. Toothpaste: water
7. Nickname for yourself: faggot
8. Restaurant: The Golden Eagle Pub
9. Parent: satan
10. Greek Mythological Character: Eros or Dionisus
11. Vacation Spot: my brother's house, Italy
13. Actor: me
14. Actress: Monroe
15. TV show you liked as a kid: NINJA TURTLES, bitch!!!
16. Spot to be touched while making out: crotch
17. Stand Up Comic: Richard Prior
18. Place for Breakfast: Denny's
19. Will Ferrel Movie: Old School
20. Shirt: old flannel from 8th grade (got 2 of 'em)
21. Singer: Pavaratti
22. Italian Dish: neopolitan pizza
23. Guilty Pleasure: drugs
24. Porn Star: peter north
25. Fictional Character: ryan patrick hitchcock

Have You Ever
1. Punched someone out of anger: yes
2. Stolen cash: yes
3. Went on a beer run: yeah
4. Made out with someone you've known less than 30 minutes: thats always fun
5. Asked out someone on MySpace: yup
6. Been in a car accident: a few
7. Flipped off someone for no reason: yup
8. Tought dirty things in Church: every time
9. Told someone they were ugly and meant it: fuck yeah
10. Walked out of a restaraunt without tipping: wish I didnt but sometimes Im broke
11. Had sex with someone you don't really like: no
12. Yelled out the wrong name: no
13. Lost your temper when discussing politics: I hate politics
14. Given away your last cigarette: yeah. what can I say? Im a nice FUCKING guy
15. Attended Pro Wrestling: Im eurotrash....not trailertrash
16. Been caught telling a racist joke: nigga
17. Snuck a nap at work: no
18. Been turned down for sex: yes
19. Thought you had real feelings for someone you didn't know: few times
20. Stuck gum somewhere you're not supposed to: yeah
21. Called in sick, but really been hungover: no. I hope to soon, though
22. Send a drink back because it sucked: no
23. Picked your nose and been caught: yeah
24. Screamed in a theatre for a scary movie: I aint no punk bitch
25. Sent a poem to someone you wrote: yes

Would you
1. Tell your friend he/she is getting fat? yes, you fucking fatass
2. Ditch your family on Christmas for the ULTIMATE concert? no
3. Make out with a member of the same sex as you? yes
4. Hire a homeless person to mow your lawn? fuck yeah!!!! thats the fucking raddest idea ever!!
5. Give up your best friend for your spouse if you had to? no
6. Serve if the draft was re-instated? fuck America
7. Make out with a monkey for $5000? hell yeah. I'll fuck it for free!!
8. Wear a tutu to a club on a dare? I wear those anyways
9. Videotape yourself taking a shower for your partner? why doesnt she just hop in?
10. Be on Fear Factor knowing you had to eat that nasty shit: my boobs arent big enough

Also, when asked what celebrity he looks like. . .
“bam margera the extreme sports action hero. and Diego Luna the foxy young, up and coming latin thespian........I say I look more like a douche, though”

some clever, mostly not, but at least it seems as though some parts of his brain are back. And some of his answers are really sweet. Like the monkeyfucking one.

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