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NOTE: dr ortiz is a teacher at our school who writes haikus and teaches constructing realities (a bizarre art class i'm taking) as well as latin and computer science. he is an amazing man.

Emily: your comments are disabled!
Emily: do you get a better parking (my)space now?
Emily: har har har
Emily: i had such a good one too
Emily: i'll wait
JANE: heheeeee
JANE: ok, i'm excited
Emily: i wrote you a haiku while waiting at the dentists office
JANE: aww, that's sweet
Emily: by the way, i have some amazing news
JANE: is it about death?
JANE: i meant the haiku
Emily: dr ortiz has a PUBLISHED book of haikus
JANE: not the news
Emily: no, its about you
Emily: we have to go buy this book
Emily: several, in fact
JANE: let's
Emily: they are so bad they are amazing
JANE: haha
Emily: not that bad, just bad because he takes them so seriously
JANE: let's marry him
Emily: go to
JANE: it just takes me to a search site
Emily: me too, damn, i must have written it down wrong in class
Emily: anyways, there is this site with a bunch of haikus, many by him
JANE: let's google him!
Emily: it was really funny when he talked about it
JANE: i found it
Emily: in a napoleon dynamite voice: 'its probably one of the best haiku websites out there' when napoleon says 'its probably one of my favorite animals' and then sighs
JANE: haha
Emily: ohmygod
Emily: i actually laughed out loud!
JANE: that was the first thing that came up. no joke!
Emily: Victor Ortiz was charged with and convicted of rape in the first degree, sodomy in the first degree for engaging in deviate sexual intercourse in the form of anal intercourse
Emily: i could so picture him as a butt raper
Emily: wow, wait this really could be him
JANE: jesus (in seymour voice)!
Emily: he was let out in 1996
Emily: he started working at marlborough in 2000
JANE: uh oh.
Emily: yes!
Emily: i've always wanted to learn how to write haikus from a sex offender
Emily: its a dream come true
JANE: haha
JANE: or could this be him:
JANE: some how the first one's more realistic
Emily: yes!
Emily: ohmygod, you are an amazing googler
Emily: i oogle at your google
Emily: Can only grow a sparse mustache
Emily: hahahaha
JANE: or it says he may be a songwriter, who wrote a song for the movie: And God Created Woman
JANE: haha
Emily: Belongs to Los Macheteros, a Puerto Rican militant separatist group
Emily: the physical description is actually him though
Emily: its amazing
JANE: wait! i found it! it's
Emily: Last Seen Robbing a bank
Emily: he sneakily showed us the three editor's picks
JANE: he's also a friend of "the heron's nest" (meaning he donated 5-25$)
Emily: one of which "just happened" to be his
Emily: that must have been how he got published
Emily: thats like a teacher's salary for a month!
JANE: haha
JANE: wildflowers
each of them
a different me

Victor Ortiz
Emily: look at editor's choice
Emily: i know!
Emily: thats one he read to us
Emily: in class
Emily: i love him
JANE: oh man, how can you do it? i'm cracking up right now
Emily: i know, it was really hard to not
JANE: he must be secure with his masculinity, to compare himself to not one, but many wildflowers
Emily: but it was sort of sad, because he took it so seriously
Emily: and so did the rest of the class it seems
Emily: i was the only one holding back my laughster
JANE: well, whatever floats their boat. it's not terrible, i guess. if jordon had written it i would have thought it adorable
Emily: a sand ripple
just fits my arch —
Emily: of course
Emily: if kaj had written it, it would have made my life
Emily: or even better, MR AIETA
Emily: or GUEVIN!
JANE: hahaha. will you get me his autograph?
Emily: no problem baby
Emily: i'll make up some artsy reason
JANE: i bet mr. guevin writes secret haikus
JANE: a chemical bond
JANE: ions and atoms
JANE: i am science
Emily: "its like the marking of a person through society, your means of identification in this standardized world"
Emily: hahahah, you're good at this
Emily: amazing actually
Emily: lets save this conversation
JANE: thank you
Emily: for posterity
JANE: ok
Emily: and prosperity
Emily: and sex
JANE: we can post it on amish sluts like all of the other saved conversations
Emily: yes we can
Emily: or we can print it out, tape the pages together, and wear it as a tube top
JANE: yes we can
JANE: or both
Emily: we can post it on amish sluts WHILE wearing our paper-tubetops
JANE: OMG! i just found my haiku-mate. her name is, get this: lane parker. only 2 letters away.
JANE: Daffodil Hill
a peacock’s cry as we
dust our clothes

Lane Parker
Emily: thats beautufl
JANE: i think so too
JANE: she can be my haiku alter-ego
Emily: let's analyze haikus
Emily: and pretend they are as deep as they're meant to be
JANE: ok
Emily: pick one
Emily: like a delicate flower
JANE: except i have very little time, i have to do some work
JANE: cherry blossoms . . .
I wear a little less
Emily: okay, fyi, i went to gr and there were some marcel dzmaa books that werent that expensive
Emily: like 15-20$
Emily: thought you should know
JANE: really? were they cool?
Emily: the blush symbolizes the blood of her forefathers
Emily: of course they were
JANE: the cherry blossome must symbolize here childhood memories as a young geisha living in kyoto
Emily: why put the blush on a seperate line you ask?
JANE: oh! here's another one:
JANE: first warm day
a wheat penny lands
heads up
H. Gene Murtha
Emily: it is such a powerful image, it must be seperated
JANE: exactly
Emily: like the forefathers she references through the cherry blossoms
Emily: whats a wheat penny?
JANE: you always lead the best discussions ms. rochette!
Emily: har har
JANE: don't you know?
Emily: lets watch some gilmore girls
JANE: have fun
Emily: kaitlyn, care to come over to my place? i've got an arab locked in my closet who can sing and dance for you
JANE: hahaha
JANE: i still can't believe victor ortiz is a rapist
Emily: she's become such an arabphile
JANE: my favorite rapist by far
Emily: i still cant believe how much i love you
Emily: 2nd favorite
Emily: masha is always #1 adopted son
JANE: haha
JANE: into breath -- victor ortiz
A meditation on the twinned themes of evanescence--air, mist, breath--and relationship. It is a quiet book which opens slowly but deeply, and rewards the attentive reader. Accompanied by five photographs by the author, the ensemble makes for a heartfelt evocation of time and spirit, and marks Ortiz as a poet who bears watching in the future. ISBN 1-893959-30-9. 30 pps. perfect softbound. $12.
Emily: ohmygod, buy this for me for my birthday!!!!!!!!!
JANE: i will.
Emily: or, buy this for me just because i need it!
JANE: yes
Emily: your fucking comments are disabled
JANE: i'm sure there's also a copy in the library, let's look tommorow!
Emily: i'm getting impatiend
Emily: yes of course!
Emily: do you see what i mean with the ghost world comparison?
Emily: come to class with me, i need you
JANE: yes
JANE: i will.
JANE: i have to finish up my hw
Emily: okay, save this please though
Emily: its worth it
JANE: but save this conversation and post it on A. Sluts
JANE: immoratlize it
Emily: okay, fine, i'll do it
Emily: not like i have any homework of my own!
JANE: i lov eyou
Emily: love you too
JANE: ortiz is our god
JANE: remember that
Emily: yes
Emily: i will never forget that
JANE: it's a pantheon: ortiz, aieta, collicutt
JANE: love you madly
JANE: goodbye
JANE: namaste

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