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hi slut-kids.

many of you (or at least lissie and becca) have mentioned visiting us hollywood sluts this summer.


most preferable time for me is august. after europe and lakehouse (by the way kristy, i am coming for the same days that my parents are in england, which is sometime around the seventh)

i'm thinking we should make some plans.

i love and miss you all very much.

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I have "school" until August 18th (yippity yay!). I can probably visit anytime after and we can have fun in the sun! I'm sick of freaky Boston weather, it's been raining and hanging around 50 degrees all week.
what a draaaaaaag it is getting old
I can really only make it to one thing — either party party at Kristy's house or party party in LA. Either one would be the loveliest thing in the world … Seeing LA would be fun, but if I do that I won't get to see any Amish sluts who go to Kristy's and not LA. Hmm hmm hmm. What should I do?? Somebody direct me!

And aaaanytime in August is fine with me. Just need to be back in time for school (September 8th or something).

I'm getting very excited in my tummy!
Oh wait, what am I thinking, I wouldn't be able to go to Kristy's because I'm working then. So it's definitely LA, for whatever time Helen's going (HI HELEN!!) omg
HI LISSIE! Yes, we shall make plans! Ahhh, poor Kristy, I really want to see her too.
i love becca...